Month: July 2019

Upcoming Show: Aug 28 @ Belcourt Taps, Nashville TN 10 PM

I will be performing at Belourt Taps in Nashville, TN at 10 PM on Weds, Aug 28. It will be an unstructured round with my current musical crew, with people sitting in on each other’s songs with multiple instruments in play. Should be a good night. So if you’re in West Nashville out late on a Wednesday, come on by!



New EP out: “I Am Not Resigned”

I am not resigned. the cover of the new album


There’s been a flurry of writing and recording done in the last three months, and it has finally born fruit as the new EP drops, “I Am Not Resigned.” It contains 5 songs, four of which are previously unreleased and one, “When the Moon Fell,” that was recorded in a completely different arrangement than the previously released version.

“I Am Not Resigned” is Peter Dickson’s most thematically cohesive album to date, and one of his darkest. It’s an album of love songs by someone who doesn’t normally do that, getting progressively darker, and it’s way closer to traditional country musically than is normally done in this recording project.

In another departure, this album is not entirely self-produced. As usual, the tracks were recorded in an apartment at an undisclosed location in east nashville using cheap mics in a fashion most unpremeditated. However, the mixing and mastering was done by DC based audio engineer Isaac Craig, so there’s a much cleaner sound than anything heretofore released and the tracks are mastered to radio levels.

At present, the album is available on all major distribution services including Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Youtube etc etc etc. The player above links to Bandcamp, where it can be listened to and downloaded free.