So through a complicated series of events it looks like I’m hosting an open mic again. But this time it’s in Nashville. I’m letting it roll about the same as previously, very little rules except respect. It’s at the Cafe Coco in West End Nashville, a 24 hr coffeeshop that serves beer and food as well.

It happens every Tuesday and Thursday night. Tuesday the host is Kyle Orten who is possibly the best possible open mic host over, Thursday it is me.

The event is fairly loose. Sign up starts somewhere around 730. Music starts at 8. We are a little slow right now because the event is in a transitional period. Generally performers get 2 songs in the first round and more in the second round depending on number of people and time availablity.

I’m letting this roll, at least on Thursdays, the same as my previous open mic- that all are welcome regardless of genre, ideology, or skill level.  So if you want to play, come play. And I will surely get you onstage.